About Us

Hey, finally you are here. We've been waiting for so long. :)

Who we are?

Haxtec® is a professional metal dice manufacturer, wait, don't be freaked out by the word "manufacturer" as it usually leads to mass production with unpredictable quality and poor customer services. We are different! How?

What we do?

We proudly design and make dice on our own! This means we are not only seller who deal with real customers daily, but also designer and maker that can make ideas into reality.

Familiar with the following metal dice(pay attention to font and colors) that you may see or even have tried from somewhere else? These silver tiffany blueemerald green and royal purple glistening enamel dice have been a big hit since their birth and have led a huge trend in metal dice. Overnight, almost all dice sellers are making these three colors!

Guess what? We made them in the first place and started this trend!(applause to ourselves, yeah~)

After that, we made the glowing metal dice. Till now, there is few follower for technical barriers and high cost. Not many re-sellers will spend so much time and cost experimenting and making dice that will for sure cost a lot. But we are different. We always believe in innovation and dreams. Dreams that cool beautiful things should exist.

Recently, we made the Color Blender dice that have dual or multi colors on same dice. Again, they turned out to be marvelous and popular! How did we have this idea? Well, entangled colors are wonderful on polyresin dice. So why can't they be on metal ones? When we first had this idea half a year ago, my production team did refuse us for production difficulties. It requires painters of years experience to paint two colors in both hands at the same time! But we are different(crazy). We made it!

What next? Shush, we'll know soon. Remember to come back time to time.

EDIT on June 24th, 2019: 

Check these new glitter metal dice. Correct, you didn't hear me wrong, holographic glitters on metal dice. Another time-consuming painting work. But the dice look just like treasure!

EDIT on 2021: Thanks for your support. We are now offering many more dice types, including the gemstone dice.

EDIT on 2022: Our product line keeps growing to Sharp Edge Dice and Other TTRPG Accessories such as DM screen, Dice Jail and more.

EDIT on 2023: Thanks for staying with us! We are lucky and happy to be with you. Our new mini dice with necklace and keychain is such a blockbuster on market!

Why choose haxtec?

As much as we care about products we present, we care about our customers. To make sure that customers can always get the best, we are striving hard everyday to achieve the following:

1. For products, we create, update frequently to customers' needs.

2. For prices, unbeatable!

3. For shipping, we have local warehouses in the US, Canada, UK and Germany. This means fast shipping(2-5 days) is available for CERTAIN items in these countries.

International shipping is also fast and reliable with only 7-14 days delivery time to major DND countries in slack seasons(mainly Q2 and Q3).

4. For imperfect orders, we replace with no return.

5. For payment security, our site is secured by well know SSL and all transaction is through paypal. If you prefer to buy from Amazon, there are choices too. You may find us on Amazon USCanada , UK and Germany.


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