Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Metal DND Dice Set-Gold Black Red Shift

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Haxtec Magician Metal Dice Series presents temperature sensitive metal dices that change colors with temperature. The dices stay one color while cold and turn into another color gradually while exposed to heat. What's cool is that you can activate it with only your body temperature(your hand for example). While cooled down again, the dices turn back to it's original color at room temperature. This circle goes on and on for years! It's like having two sets at a time. 

Ready to wow your dnd player mates in next session? Time for you to be the magician now!

Disclaimer: Dices can change colors within seconds. But if you have "cold hands", the dices may take up to 1-2 minutes to change colors. You can use warm water to test it if you wish to see an immediately reaction. Color changing effect lasts for 10-20 years instead of infinitely due to the nature of the heat sensitive material added.


  • Innovative heat sensitive metal dices that change colors at different temperatures.
  • Cool exclusive quality metal dnd dice to wow your friends.
  • Great value for having two looks in same set. 
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic materials used. Due testings passed.
  • Great rolling feel with good weight in hand. Like you can feel the might before rolling.
  • Hand painted enamel and hand checked quality.
  • Quaility drawstring leather dice bag included.
  • Great gift for dungeons and dragons players or dice collectors.

Rarity: ☆☆☆☆☆

Package include:

1x 7PCS Temperature Sensitive Metal Dice Set
1x Quality Leather Dice Bag 


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