Thanks for shopping from Haxtec Dice. We listed a few Q&As that you may be looking for below.


Q: How much is the shipping fee?

A: Free shipping for orders over 25USD worldwide! 5USD flat shipping rate for all orders under 25USD. Yep, no matter how heavy the package is!


Q: How long do you process my order?

A: All products listed are available unless otherwise specified. We try our best to ship within one business day. We want the products to arrive you ASAP as you do!


Q: Where do you ship from?

A: China if not specified. Like 99% of other metal dice companies, our dices are made in our factory in China. That's one of the reasons that the prices are so competitive. Sometimes we ship from our overseas warehouses too as we also sell on Amazon. So if you are in the US, UK or Canada, you may have your orders shipped from local Amazon warehouses. 


Q: What carrier do you use?

A:  First-Class Package International Service of each country's post service for most times. This means USPS for US, Royal Mail for UK, Canada Post for CA, Australia Post for AU, Netherland Post for Netherland etc.


Q: How soon can I get my order?

A: Good question.  Usually, delivery takes 7-15 workings days. Yet sometimes they can arrive earlier or later according to the working load of post offices in slack or peak seasons.

From our previous experience, here are some examples of aprroximate delivery time:

To United States: 7-14days

To Canada: 7-14days

To United Kingdom: 7-14days

To Ireland: 12-14days

To Australia: 12-14days

To New Zealand: 12days

To Germany: 12-14days

To Netherland: 12-14days

To Finland: 12-14days

To Denmark: 12-14days

To Sweden: 12-14days

To Norway: 12-14days

To Spain: 7-14days

To Italy: 12-14days

To France: 12-14days

Edit on: 28th, July, 2019. Time of delivery are likely longer in peak seasons(Oct-Jan) or after promotions. Delivery time can also be affected by weathers and where you live because some countries are really huge in territory.


Q: Will I be able to track my order? How?

A: Absolutly! You can always track your order by clicking the link in your order confirmation email that is sent to you after we ship the order.

Otherwise, you can copy and paste the tracking number to track it on website of this universal tracking webiste:


Q: Why I don't see further updates of my package since the last day it was received by a post office?

A: Good question. National post is great because it deliveres to every corner of the country. But we can't get udpates until it enters the destination country. Here is an example:

There was 4 days without any update. But the package still arrived in 7days.



Q: Can I have other shipping choices because I want to have my products earlier?

A: Yes if you are in the US, CA, UK or other EU countries. Please contact us for your request and we will see what we can do. Extra shipping fee may apply for expidted shipping.

We can be reached at:


Q: Do you cover trariffs and VATs?

A: No currently as all dice sellers do. But don't worry. We will adjust the amount properly for retail orders. If you are in Sweden, there is 7.5 euros for each order and 10% of the declared value as VAT charged by your government.